Industry-Leading Private Label Cotton Products

U.S. Cotton is known for having the industry leading private label cotton products in the marketplace. We use state-of-the art technology and adhere to the rigorous specifications at all of our manufacturing locations. Our innovative product technologies and best in class standards ensure that our products are safe, effective and exceed our customer's expectations.

Because of our superior quality, focus on service and wide assortment, our products are sold by national and international retailers in the drug, mass merchandising, food and specialty channels of trade and are packaged under their corporate label.

Our private label products give consumers the best quality and value and our retailers enhanced loyalty and image. 

Private Label Products

Private Label Product Tiers

Our premium offerings are the culmination of years of industry experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing. This line is specially designed to provide users with the ultimate in product convenience and luxury.

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The perfect balance of quality and price, our 100% cotton premium products are perfect for your cosmetic needs.

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Organic cotton is softer, whiter, and pesticide-free. Our organic cotton originates from virgin staple fibers, and is grown exclusively on USDA-certified, QCS and ICEA approved organic farms.

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A variety of 100% cotton products designed specifically for medical use.

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Made from 100% pure cotton, our First Aid product line is more absorbent than synthethic fabric and softer to the touch. These products are perfect for applying first aid creams and balms.

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Expand your product offerings with custom-made displays, floor stands, and shelf displays.

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Private Label

We Work Closely With Retailers To Help Grow Their Businesses

U.S. Cotton offers unparalleled support to retailers and is a proven partner for success. We have the capacity and expertise to:

  • Handle every aspect of manufacturing and distribution
  • Consistently offer superior quality
  • Offer a full line of cotton-based products
  • Deliver outstanding category management
  • Use consumer insights and research to develop innovative merchandising

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A Strategy That Works


Increase Sales by Giving Consumers Greater Value & More Product Choices

Our two-tier sales strategy has proven to be a successful way to grow sales in the category. This approach allows us to offer our Swisspers Premium line as a private label product line.

Swisspers Premium Products target a broad audience that includes males and females who are looking for high-quality, luxurious products.

Through providing a wider array of consumers with more product choices and different price points, retailers expand their consumer base and sell more product. The chart on this page illustrates the resulted incremental growth, showing sales trends with and without the Swisspers Premium products over a seven-year period.