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Through experience, superior customer service, and a commitment to the highest quality, we offer products that retailers and consumers want. As we look toward the future, we consistently monitor trends and develop next generation products that will drive sales and category growth.

Swisspers Premium products are made from 100% pure premium cotton that is natural and safe for all skin types.
All-natural and safe for every skin type, Swisspers are made from 100% pure premium cotton. The Swisspers product line contains options for all individual skincare needs.
Swisspers Organic cotton is softer, whiter, and pesticide-free. Our organic cotton is USDA, QCS and ICEA approved, and originates from virgin staple fibers that are grown exclusively on organic farms. The packaging is bilingual and complies with the Canad
US Medical offers a variety of premium sterile and non-sterile medical quality cotton products made from high-quality, absorbent cotton. The medical cotton family is uniquely formulated to suit the needs of the medical community.
Made from 100% pure cotton, our medical cotton is more absorbent than synthetic fabric and is softer to the touch. It is perfect for applying first aid, creams, and balms. Our packaging is bilingual and complies with the Canadian market.
Expand your product facings and grow sales with our customizable displays, floor stands, and shelf displays. Our team of design professionals are available to assist from start to finish.
USC Branded Products

Private Label Options

All of our branded products are available to private label. We provide our customers with superior service in order to produce the best private label cotton programs in the market.

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