Swisspers Premium Product Family

Cotton Rounds
Premium Rounds
Our dual-sided Premium Cotton Rounds have a proprietary multi-layer design that creates a soft, yet strong, lint-free cotton round. Also available an exfoliating version that allows for gentle scrubbing to remove make-up and dull skin cells.
Cotton Pillows
Cotton Pillows
Swisspers cotton pillows are made from 100% pure, natural cotton. Soft, gentle, and absorbent, our cotton pillows cater to all your skincare needs. The crimped edges add extra strength and allow for lint-free cleansing. With oversized layers of plush cotton, these luxuriously soft Cotton Pillows are ideal for all aspects of facial skin care.
Premium Cotton Ovals
Large Premium Ovals
Swisspers large premium Ovals are idea for both make-up removal and application, and consistently ensure smooth and even results. These ovals have a smooth, lint-free layer that provides a feeling of luxury.
Cotton Squares
Large Premium Squares
Swisspers large premium squares are designed with plush layers of cotton to provide softness and strength. Made with 100% cotton, these squares provide the ultimate experience when used in your nail and skincare routines. The stitched edges and smooth, lint-free surface allow for extra strength and maximum performance.
Cotton Facial Cleansing Pads
Premium Facial Cleansing Pads
Swisspers premium facial cleansing pads are incredibly soft and made from 100% pure natural cotton. The pads are covered with a durable, yet ultra-smooth lint-free surface, with a dual-texture that is perfect for nail care.
Exfoliating Rounds
Exfoliating Rounds
Swisspers exfoliating rounds & exfoliating facial rounds are dual-sided, with one surface designed for exfoliation, and the other designed for more gentle use. Use the raised, textured surface to gently scrub and exfoliate the face, leaving skin fresh and rejuvenated. Use the soft, embossed surface to remove make-up and nail polish, or to apply lotions and creams.
Exfoliating Cotton Nail Squares
Exfoliating Cotton Nail Squares
Swisspers exfoliating cotton nail squares are made from multiple layers of 100% cotton and are designed for dual use, ideal for all of your nail and skincare routines.
Exfoliating Sponges
Exfoliating Sponges
Swisspers exfoliating teardrop sponges are perfect for gentle exfoliation. Sponges are also available in walnut, which are embedded with finely ground walnut shells to allow for gentle exfoliation. Use the sponge on its own, or pair it with your favorite cleanser for a deeper clean. These unique sponges gently remove make-up, dirt, and oil, leaving skin smooth and soft.
Cotton Balls
Jumbo Cotton Balls
Swisspers jumbo cotton balls are made from 100% pure cotton, making them soft and absorbent. As a hypoallergenic product, these cotton balls are safe and gentle on all skin types.
Paper Stick Cotton Swabs
Leopard Print Paper Cotton Swabs
Spice up your vanity with Swisspers leopard print paper stick cotton swabs. Delicate enough for make-up application and for use with baby, these swabs are made with 100% pure cotton.
Cosmetic Care Applicators
Cosmetic Care Applicators
Swisspers nail care applicators are double-pointed cotton-tip swabs that allow for precise nail polish removal and safe and gentle cuticle care. Swisspers cotton applicators have one flattened tip and one pointed tip, making them the perfect tool for precise make-up touch-ups and eye and lip cosmetic application.
Cosmetic Foam
Cosmetic Foam
Swisspers cosmetic foam sponges are non-latex and ideal for the application and blending of make-up. These sponges are reusable, and allow for hassle-free make-up application and other cosmetic uses.
Cosmetic Blending Sponges
Cosmetic Blending Sponges
Swisspers cosmetic blending sponges flawlessly apply make-up, creating an even finish to your make-up look. Ideal for creating a full-coverage base, contouring, or layering color, they are ideal for all of your cosmetic needs. A latex-free product, these sponges are also reusable.
Glitter Stick Cotton Swabs
Glitter Stick Cotton Swabs
Swisspers glitter stick cotton swabs add the right amount of pizzazz to your cosmetic routine. The same quality cotton swab with a dash of added whimsy.
top of cotton round
middle of cotton round
botton of cotton round

Premium Cotton Round Technology

U.S. Cotton's Premium Cotton Round technology is the culmination of decades of industry-leading innovation. Our multi-layered patented rounds are designed for maximum durability, absorbency, and softness. The layers include:

  • Soft, Embossed Layer of Cotton
  • Plush Cotton Core
  • Smooth Layer of Spunlace
  • Patented Stitched-Edge Technology
USC Branded Products

Private Label Options

All of our branded products are available to private label. We provide our customers with superior service in order to produce the best private label cotton programs in the market.

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