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An Update From Our CEO & President


It is with great pride that US Cotton can help during this extraordinary time by closing the gap of swab shortages for the COVID-19 testing kits. The world is in such a time of crisis and it is a helpless feeling for everyone.


I am thankful that we at US Cotton have a way to be of service to the country. It is a privilege to be a part of this company at this time, and I am especially proud of our team in Cleveland, Ohio. They are the real heroes in this endeavor.

In early April the FDA asked about our swabs and once they realized our capabilities, we settled on a swab design within two weeks. This is a design that we can ship to labs for use for COVID-19 tests to be used at clinical tests and at-home test kits. Initially, we will be able to produce 3 million testing swabs weekly.

We have a very clever and talented group of people in our Cleveland facility. Once they understood the challenge, they quickly leaned into the entirely different process. I feel privileged to lead a company that is able to help during this time! I am so very proud of US Cotton and the selflessness of our people as we step up to this challenge in an effort to help our fellow citizens.

I was told recently that “US Cotton can change the outcome of the world.” Our efforts will unblock a lot of shortages and for that we are proud.

My best regards,

John Nims


How We're Responding

Our people

Caring For Our Employees

Several steps have been implemented to ensure the safety of our people.  We have installed additional hand sanitizing stations throughout our building, everyone entering our facility has their temperature taken daily, face masks have been distributed and are required to be worn by all individuals, we limited access to external visitors, and practice social distancing.  Professional cleaners disinfect and sanitize communal areas several times daily.   We will continue to work through the proper procedures and adapt as needed for the safety of our people.

our customers

Caring For Our Customers

Our priority is keeping our people safe and our facilities operational to ensure we continue providing essential products to our customers during this time.  Our responsibility to maintain optimum service levels and inventory positions to our customers is our focus and priority.


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